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     Bkjpress is Beijing academy of science and technology’s website and the portal site of Beijing Science and Technology Press. Under the strong resource support of Beijing academy of science and technology and Beijing science and technology press, we attempt to build a website that concentrates on reading, updates quickly, with rich information, close to readersand become a good friend of the readers.


    Beijing science and technology press is a comprehensive science and technology publishing organization. For more than 20 years, we had published Zhou Yi and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Complete colection of folk prescription, Yang Li Teaches Regimen 23 Lessons, Knowledge economy, The eleventh five-year plan strategy research, Brain Development series, Farbre's Souvenirs entomologiques, Fast Forward,  Science and three-dimensional look book, Hidden Pictures and a series of influential books, which got high praise from majority of the readers.


    In recent years, the work of Beijing science and technology press has made great strides in development under the hard work and unremitting efforts of the leading group and staff. According to the central committee’s spirit on press and publication reform, we established the reform direction and principle----with the development as the theme, meeting market demand, referring to modem enterprise system, making institutional reform, establishing new talent incentive mechanism. We established our publishing concept and spirit of the enterprise base on the development environment and our own actual situation----based on science and technology, social services, development and innovate.


    In recent years, our published fixed price, sales revenue, profits and main economic indicators in proportion has grown than before. We found our own brand in ophthalmology, medical exam, healthcare of traditional Chinese medicine, building household decorates and children’s book. There are lots of excellent books in our press honored the national reward, provincial reward and also got financial assistance from the national publication foundation.


    Our foreign cooperation is expanding constantly. We established extensive connection with the press of the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, the Hong Kong special administrative region, Taiwan region ect., and have various project cooperation with them.


    We formulated medium-term and long-term development strategy plans in order to stand in the growing competition of the book market. In the plan, we confirm that our mainly aim is to arrange our resources, make book publishing as our major works, track and explore digital publishing business model actively, try our best to set up and promote the core competence of the corporation which is composed of three parts: research and develop planning, market development and management innovation, achieve leaping development, and build a new Beijing science and technology press.


    Although the website of our press has a certain scale after few years of development, there are still some defects and shortcoming. For this reason, we have an Omni bearing correcting to create a new bkjpress. We hope it will got support and help from more friends in the future, make it a interactive platform for the readers, authors, bookstores, the publishing and other friends, a window to get knowledge and information, a home to exchange and share the happiness.


                                                                                                          Zhang Jingde


                                                                                President of Beijing Science and Technology Publinshing Co., Ltd.