Introduction of the Press

Beijing Science and Technology Press, established in October 1981, has been transferredinto Beijing Science and Technology Publishing Co., Ltd in 2010. Based on Beijing,serving the whole country and prompting the progress of the science and technology, thecompany publishes medicine, technology, lifestyle and childrens books.


      The company establishes 7 editorial departments which are medical science editorialdepartment, traditional Chinese medicine editorial department, the public's health editorialdepartment, children editorial department, lifestyle editorial department, the science andtechnology editorial department and comprehensive editorial department. We combine excellentquality with affordable prices. Aiming at outstanding products, following the newestscientific and technical development in the world, supplying most useful and practical readingsand providing advanced knowledge for readers have always been the purpose of ourpress. Of all the 4000 titles published, more than 300 kinds have been awarded national orprovincial prize.


      As the deepening cooperation with other partners, we have established wide relation-ship with publishing in foreign countries, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Governmentand Taiwan. On one hand, we have input a large number of excellent books, on the otherhand, we have also output lots of Chinese medicine books.


     Our company has made great tracking and exploration in New media and digital publishing,establishing our own website of reading and life information platform——


     Since it was our 30th birthday, we have formulated a development plan from 2011 to 2015 so asto make a great development in growing competition market. We will adjust the internal resourcesand firmly take the road of publishing books, enhancing the core competence of the Corporationceaselessly which constitutes production, marketing and management. In future we will continue to run a more successful Beijing Science and Technology Publishing Co., Ltd.


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